• School-Market Connections

    Integrated to the School and curriculum of the academic programs, the Placement, the supervised internships and the Alumni programs are spaces for students and alumni to participate beyond the School’s walls.

Axis 1: Professional Placement

Aiming to connect students and alumni to the best work opportunities in Brazil, helping them achieve relevant positions in their careers, the professional placement axis at FGV ECMI includes the following lines of work:

  • Publication of available positions for communication professionals;
  • Provision of resumes and professional profiles of the School’s students and alumni for consultation by companies and organizations;
  • Organization of events, workshops, talks and trainee fares;
  • Organization of field projects prepared by students and supervised by FGV ECMI professors in companies and partner institutions. In these projects, students tackle real business challenges in predefined teams and present solutions in an annual event held by the School.

Axis 2: Entrepreneurship

Aiming to provide visibility to new communication businesses with the potential for innovation and to prepare students and alumni to obtain the support from accelerators, incubators and investors, the entrepreneurship axis in our Placement program includes the following lines of work:

  • Active search for project financing calls from individuals or legal persons, published in our website;
  • Technical assistance for proposal submissions;
  • Preparation and training in project presentation for future investors and the development of innovative ideas, in formats such as pitching, 1-min talks and sprints;
  • Entrepreneur’s library with access to and recommendation of books, podcasts, videos, films and other multimedia materials with relevant content for entrepreneur training.

Initiatives integrating both axes

In addition to the specific lines of work in each axis, other initiatives are common to both, such as: 

  • Production of exclusive content with news, information and events on career and entrepreneurship, published on the Placement website;
  • Production of periodic industry analyses indicating trends and challenges in the digital communication industry in Brazil;
  • Joint initiatives with the Innovation Cube and the DAPP Lab to incorporate an activity and event schedule to help prepare students for the job market and the entrepreneur journey; 
  • Open Day: a day with open doors for students to present the projects developed over the year to the public and renowned professionals in the market.

More information coming soon on how to enroll with the FGV ECMI Placement.

What is the Alumni?

The FGV ECMI Alumni is a follow-up program for the School’s alumni. Its goal is to encourage former students to keep in contact with the institution and collaborate with its development in the medium and long term.  In addition, it is also a way to build and maintain the School’s values, congregating mutual interests in the academic community.

The FGV ECMI Alumni includes alumni from undergraduate and graduate courses and short- and medium-duration courses at the School, as well as the courses offered by FGV DAPP since 2019. The program focuses on three major fronts:

  • Follow-up and support in the professional journey of alumni;
  • Maintenance of former students’ ties with FGV ECMI;
  • Collaboration of former students in helping the ongoing establishment and improvement of FGV ECMI and its academic and professional projects, including participation in the yearly alumni survey.

Yearly Alumni Survey

Every year, we send an electronic survey to former students, aiming to identify the professional profile of alumni and their insertion in the job market. That is a way for FGV ECMI to follow-up on the academic and professional journey of its alumni and understand the impact of education in their careers.  

The goals of this survey are:

Alumni follow-up with FGV NEDC

The Internship and Career Development Center (Núcleo de Estágio e Desenvolvimento de Carreiras – FGV NEDC) is a multidisciplinary sector dedicated to promoting integration between the job market and the student body of the institution. FGV NEDC's activities are extended to alumni, who can benefit from the publication of job positions, individualized career counseling, training for job interviews, and networking events organized for FGV students. 

Former students can also have their professional profiles published at the FGV ECMI Placement, a service organized in partnership with FGV NEDC. 

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