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    Innovation Cube

    The Innovation Cube explores the relationships between digital technologies and society with an interdisciplinary research team. It works as a center for fostering creativity, supporting the experimentation of students and researchers, generating an innovation hub with direct dialogue between the faculty of FGV ECMI, students, technology companies, other research centers in Brazil and abroad, and society.

Study Objects

At the Cube, students use cutting-edge industry technologies to carry out research and applied projects. Based on the understanding of the changes that technologies generate in interaction forms, communication and  social practices, students develop creative alternatives to propose social changes based on these technologies.

At the Cube, we study and experiment on:

In the mini-courses curriculum, students go through the different stages of creation, organized into three areas: Fundamentals, Practices & Development, and Application & Publishing.

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The Cube's research methodology is experimentation: our basis for developing new ideas.

Based on cutting-edge technologies, on the insertion into digital culture and on a transdisciplinary team, researchers and laboratory students propose critical reflections and applied research. The objective of the Cube is to bring relevant social contribution to the understanding and production of technologies.



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