Abracom and FGV Communication Rio announce a partnership for the exchange of knowledge and practices in the corporate communication market.

The launch of the agreement was marked by a lecture by the president of Abracom, Fábio Santos, to students of the Digital Communication course

The Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies (Abracom) and the School of Communication, Media and Information at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV ECMI) announce the beginning of an innovative cooperation agreement for the development of activities related to corporate communication. The idea is to bring college students closer to the public relations agency market, which employs about 20,000 professionals and generated more than R$5 billion in revenue in 2023 alone.

The launch of the agreement was marked by the lecture "The Corporate Communication Market" by Abracom President Fábio Santos to the Digital Communication students at FGV in Rio de Janeiro on June 3rd. On this occasion, Santos also recorded the podcast Meio Tempo, which will air on June 13th.

The agreement between Abracom and FGV Communication Rio includes seminars, lecture series, courses, and workshops, as well as training for students. Joint research will also be conducted, aiming both at training future corporate communication professionals and at the joint development of new solutions in digital culture for the market.

"One of Abracom's missions is to collaborate in developing cutting-edge solutions for the corporate communication market. We want to encourage the training of communication professionals and students to meet the increasingly challenging demands within the complex digital culture scenario," says Fábio Santos, president of Abracom. "With its well-recognized quality, FGV is the perfect educational institution for this partnership," he adds.

Expanding dialogue and mutual participation between academia and the market are also some of the objectives of this partnership. "To train future leaders in corporate communication, we need to unite our high-level teaching proposal, which integrates Communication, Data Science, and Social Sciences, with ongoing contact with market professionals. And the partnership between FGV ECMI and Abracom amplifies this dialogue between academia and communication agencies," comments Felipe Sauerbronn, professor at FGV Communication Rio.



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