FGV Comunicação Rio to receive Edinho Silva, mayor of Araraquara, for lecture

The politician will talk about his book, “Uma cidade na luta pela vida: da pandemia ao 8 de janeiro”

FGV Comunicação Rio will receive Edinho Silva (PT), mayor of Araraquara, on May 14. His visit to the institution will include a lecture open to the public in auditorium 417 at 3:30pm, as well as a podcast participation.

In his lecture, he will discuss the challenges of public communication in digital environments and talk about his book, “Uma cidade na luta pela vida: da pandemia ao 8 de janeiro”. The book gives an account of how the city experienced the period that included the Covid-19 pandemic and the January 8 attacks in Brasília. 

Araraquara became known for its approach to fighting the disease and was the first city in the country to adopt a lockdown. The city also adopted measures such as sanitation barriers, proof of vaccination requirements and mandatory use of masks. 


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