Leaders and influencers from Guinea-Bissau do training at FGV

Series of classes about digital communication management run through partnership between FGV DAPP, FGV DINT and United Nations Development Program in Guinea-Bissau

Over the course of six days in April, a Digital Communication Management Training Program was carried out jointly by Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Department of Public Policy Analysis (FGV DAPP) and its International Affairs Division (FGV DINT). The program was developed especially for leaders and influencers in Guinea-Bissau selected by the United Nations Development Program.

FGV DAPP researchers Renata Tomaz and Tatiana Dourado taught the classes. “Notwithstanding the differences between the digital realities of Brazil and Guinea-Bissau, the escalating circulation of hate speech on social media is affecting both our societies equally and perversely,” Tomaz said after the training program.

Classes on the following topics were given: Social Media as a Political Communication Tool; Management of Digital Communication and Social Media; and Combating Misinformation in Public Communication.

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