School of Communication, Media and Information at FGV is mentioned in The New York Times

Study by FGV ECMI shows Brazilians talk more about the electronic voting machines than inflation on Twitter

The New York Times, one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in the world, published an article this Monday (22) mentioning a research carried out by the School of Communication, Media and Information (FGV ECMI).

The story is entitled “The Question Menacing Brazil’s Elections: Coup or No Coup?” and explores the current political context in Brazil in the face of the upcoming presidential elections, discussing the power and influence of President Jair Bolsonaro’s speeches.

The study by FGV ECMI revealed that, since June, Brazilian users on Twitter have commented on topics related to the electronic voting machines more often than on topics such as inflation or the government’s social programs. The analysis also showed that users on the social network comment about the electronic voting machines almost as much as they mention the price of natural gas, which has been an important topic in the political debates.




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