School of Digital Communication at FGV conducts study on the Creator Economy market encompassing internet content producers

Industry has generated more than 300 thousand jobs and moved more than 30 billion reais since 2011, study says

Influencers, creators, or content producers on digital platforms. Their names may vary, but they are all part of the so-called Creator Economy, an industry that was born together with social media and that, despite its young age, has been affecting the economy, generating income and jobs. This ecosystem currently moves 250 billion dollars, and this figure could reach 480 billion in the next four years according to a study by Goldman Sachs Research. 

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest number of digital creators and influencers – approximately 20 million according to data from Factworks for Meta mentioned in the YOUPIX report Creator Economy Macrotrends.  

In an attempt to understand and measure this industry – which affects content consumers and producers every day –, the School of Communication, Media and Information at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV ECMI) conducted the study ‘The Socio-Economic Impact of Creator Economy Digital Businesses in Brazil’ in partnership with the Hotmart platform. 

“Our expectation is that the market will grow around these players. This brings economic benefits, with job and income generation, for example”, explained Beatriz Pinheiro, the professor at FGV ECMI who coordinated the study.   

Industry has moved more than 30 billion reais since 2011

The numbers from the survey performed with clients confirmed this is a significant market that should continue growing in the n years: it has generated more than 300 thousand direct and indirect jobs through content creators that sell digital products on Hotmart. 

‘There is an enormous amount of people producing the content we consume on social media all the time, which represents a very promising and rising market for communicators. The undergraduate course in Digital Communication helps students understand how it works, its particularities and challenges, in order to prepare qualified professionals that could work in this market”, said Professor Pinheiro.

The gross merchandise value (GMV) of content creators on Hotmart has reached more than 30 billion reais at a global level, taking into account the sales volume since 2011. 


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