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    About FGV ECMI

    With the FGV brand, the DAPP experience, and state-of-the-art laboratories, FGV ECMI promotes a dialogue between Communication, Technology and Data Science to train professionals in the 21st century.

Who we are

Created in 2022, the School of Communication, Media and Information (FGV ECMI) is a pioneer in developing the new profile of professionals that will work in the strategic sectors for Communication, Media and Information of public institutions, private companies and third sector organizations. The School combines the tradition of FGV and the extensive experience of FGV DAPP in the application of Technology and Data Science to innovate and propose solutions in the field of Communication

FGV ECMI offers highly qualified professors from Brazil and abroad, an internationally recognized teaching method and an innovative curriculum, cutting-edge laboratories, and networking and professional placement experiences for students. 

Our goals are:

The values of the School of Communication, Media and Information are:

  • Connection between teaching, research and extension;
  • Respect for diversity and combat of any type of intolerance and discrimination;
  • Encouraging to academic, technological and intellectual production, particularly in the development of applied research for the improvement of local, regional, national and international communities;
  • Encouraging dialogue, collaboration and transparency in our activities;
  • Strong defense of ethical principles in our decision-making and in our attributions;
  • Valuing the plurality of ideas;
  • Ensuring equity in access, human rights and ethnic-racial equality in the institutional context and in the School’s internal activities;
  • Recognition of the internship experience as fundamental to students' education process;
  • Support for agreements and partnerships, aiming to bring FGV ECMI closer to decision-making and public policy centers, especially in education;
  • Ensuring decision-making based on sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Organizational Structure

  • Director of FGV ECMI: Marco Aurelio Ruediger;
  • Vice-Director of FGV ECMI: Ana Lucia Malheiros Guedes;
  • Coordinator of the Digital Communication undergraduate course: Eurico Oliveira Matos Neto;
  • Administrative Manager: Juliana Gonçalves Mayrinck.

FGV Botafogo Campus

ECMI FGV is located at Praia de Botafogo, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in front of Sugarloaf Mountain, one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist attractions in Brazil.

Mario Henrique Simonsen Library

FGV has one of the most comprehensive Human Sciences libraries in Rio de Janeiro

Created in December 1945, the Mario Henrique Simonsen Library (Biblioteca Mario Henrique Simonsen – BMHS) has an important and traditional collection with more than 100,000 titles and 230,000 copies, including books, DVDs/videos, theses and dissertations, e-books, sound recordings and periodicals in printed and electronic format. 

A multimedia room equipped with air conditioning, TV, DVD, VCR, cable TV and computer is also available, as well as a book return service, wireless network, bibliographic survey, bibliographic switching, catalog card preparation, guidance on bibliographic standardization (standards from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - ABNT); reprographic service, guided visits, and user training through courses, workshops and lectures.

Any opinions expressed by Fundação Getulio Vargas’s staff members, duly identified as such, in articles and interviews published in any media, merely represent the opinions of these individuals and do not necessarily represent the institutional viewpoints or opinions of FGV. FGV Directive Nº 19 / 2018.